Anti-Valentines Day Challenge

Sherry Ramsey, fearless, interim, co-leader of our online, Second Life writing group affectionately known as The Quillians, issued a writing challenge last week. We were to write an “anti-Valentine” poem.

Here’s my tongue-in-cheek, bumpity-thumpity response:

heart words: an anti-valentine poem
february 14, 2011

beat beat-beat-beat
heart beat-beat-beat
up beat-beat-beat
thump lump skippity-beat
beat thump red hot
sweet date
pump fate
lub-dub respirate
pump bump thumpity-hump
breast beat chest bump
pump-pump circulate
up beat pumpity-pump
ping pang pittery-pat
in-spire chest fire
thump-thump-thump desire
bump breast ache beat
stiff beat hump bump
soul white heat mate
bump-bump procreate
pump pump pumpity-hump
mate thump thumpity-hump
beat beat-beat-beat
beat beat-beat-beat
off beat-beat-beat
red vein fake feign
spit spat pittery-pat
blood bleat vain cheat
bleed thump violate
lub dub thumpity-pump
trump beat off dump
beat down break up
ache beat bleed deep
thump dump slump chump
pump dump bumpity-lump
pang ache jumpity-jump
ping pain pulse rate
thump-bump defibrillate
beat beat skippity-beat
beat beat-beat-beat
soft beat-beat-beat
pump red heart hate
hate hate hate hate
thump bump thumpity-pump
beat bleed beat beat
heart beat-beat-beat

Thanks Luta for a fun exercise!
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Gary Henderson

  1 comment for “Anti-Valentines Day Challenge

  1. February 21, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    Thanks for the mention, Nancy. I linked back to this one from my own entry, as well. 🙂

    I like your poem, and I think it’s best appreciated when read aloud, which I did.

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