Futuristica, Volume 1

FuturisticaCover1This spring, my story “Hu.man and Best” will be published in Futuristica, Volume 1, from Metasagas Press. The competition for spots was fierce and I feel very fortunate to be included.

“Hu.man and Best” is set in far-future Africa, decades after a war between humans and AI. A vacationing military officer, flying across the vast, uninhabited wilderness, is presented with an unfamiliar set of challenges when she finds a human girl alone in a place where no humans should be.

Last week, the publishers released the cover art and table of contents. I’m so pleased to be in the midst of this line-up of great writers:

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  1. suze
    January 9, 2016 at 9:51 pm

    How very exciting!

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