Science fiction

Friends of the Merril Contest Update

Late last month I decided to break my own rule about not entering literary contests in order to sub to a good cause. I sent a story to The Friends of the Merril Contest. Last night I got the great news that my story has been sent on to final judging. There are twelve of us in this happy bunch… Read more →

Futuristica, Volume 1

This spring, my story “ and Best” will be published in Futuristica, Volume 1, from Metasagas Press. The competition for spots was fierce and I feel very fortunate to be included. “ and Best” is set in far-future Africa, decades after a war between humans and AI. A vacationing military officer, flying across the vast, uninhabited wilderness, is presented with… Read more →

“Sound of Chartreuse” in Perihelion

I am so pleased to announce that my short story “Sound of Chartreuse” has been published by Perihelion Science Fiction Magazine. Set on a planet far away and in the distant future, it’s about antagonistic half sisters: one a musician who’s invented a new kind of instrument and the other, our main character, a synesthete who has a perceptual connection… Read more →

Published in AE!

Happy to announce that my story “And Always, Murder” is now online, published at AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review. One reader of this story suggested that I’ve invented a new sub-genre: Burro Noir. Our main character Umberto is an uplifted donkey who plays a clarinet in his bar in Tijuana. The film noir trope plays out while exploring ways… Read more →

My story in Fantasy Scroll Magazine!

My short story “ReMemories” has been published on Fantasy Scroll Magazine! I’m happy to share the fiction TOC of Issue 8 with authors Tony Peak, Elise R. Hopkins, Kate O’Connor, Aleksander Volkmar, Simon Kewin, KJ Kabza, Jarod K. Anderson, K.S. Dearsley, Raluca Balasa, Josh Brown and Alberto Hernandez. “ReMemories” is a near-future sf story about a time when memories can… Read more →

Viable Paradise Writer's Workshop


Last year, an online acquaintance—Gary Henderson—from my Second Life writing group—The Quillians—got accepted to Viable Paradise Writer’s Workshop. I had never heard of it. I now know how “out of it” that makes me…but the point is that I finally did hear of it. I was impressed with what Gary had to say about it because if anything, his enthusiasm… Read more →

The Pitch

After posting about “the pitch” for my novel-in-progress earlier last month, I thought I should share what I came up with. Finally got this the way I wanted it around the end of the first week of NaNoWriMo. As for the book itself, I’m still not sure about my title, “Plasticity.” I like it and it fits the subject matter,… Read more →