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Seeing Voices, copyright nancysmwaldman 2012

Seeing Voices

With apologies to one of my favourite writing physicians, Oliver Sacks, I titled this post, Seeing Voices, because that’s what it feels like when I’m fully engaged in writing characters I know well. So how do you come up with complex, interesting characters? Get them to talk. Engage them in conversation. Ask them questions not only about the predicament they’re… Read more →

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Trusting the Glimmers

Where do story ideas come from? The short answer is: anywhere. Neil Gaiman, on this oft-asked question, writes that he tells people, “I make them up…Out of my head.” But neither of these answers are immediately helpful if your inspiration has dried up or you are a beginning writer who just doesn’t know yet what to write about. The problem… Read more →

S.P.O.T. List

When I became an editor for Third Person Press, I had no idea what a vast improvement being this role would make to my own writing. Poring over dozens of stories in the last few years has honed my ability to spot errors in my work as well as others. If I had one piece of advice to writers who… Read more →

Shiny and New

[singlepic id=7 w=320 h=240 float=left]Getting a writing project to the completed draft stage is delightful, but there’s a downside. If we were visual artists or dancers or actors, we could show off all our hard work. There would be an audience or viewers or, at the very least, we could hang it on the wall or look at ourselves in… Read more →