Third Person Press

Third Person Press began in 2007 as a discussion between friends and writers Julie A. Serroul, Sherry D. Ramsey and myself. We were in the car on the way home from a writing workshop and Julie suggested that the three of us collaborate on an anthology. We knew there had to be writers on the island other than us who wrote science fiction and fantasy, and we wanted to find them. By that fall, we’d come up with our name — Third Person Press — (just beating out Three Quarks Press and Indelible Ink Press) and had sent out our first Call for Submissions for the anthology Undercurrents.

Now, we have published five anthologies and one short story collection! Please click through to our website to find our more and/or order your copies, either print or ebook.

Our Speculative Elements Series:

Undercurrents from Third Person Press

Undercurrents, Vol 1, 2008

Airborne, Vol 2, 2010

Airborne, Volume 2, 2010

Unearthed from Third Person Press

Unearthed, Vol 3, 2012

Flashpoint, Vol 4, 2014

Flashpoint, Vol 4, 2014

Our Ghost Story Anthology:

Grey Area - 13 Ghost Stories, 2013

Grey Area – 13 Ghost Stories, 2013

Sherry’s Collected Stories:

To Unimagined Shores, 2012

To Unimagined Shores, 2012

We are now reviewing novels from a call for submissions for Atlantic Canadians and are considering opening up submissions for novels in 2016 so check back in with us or email us to get on our call for submissions mailing list.

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