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As Far As - Now Available!

As Far As you want to go…

These thirteen stories are all over the place! Tales from far-future Namibia to near future Connecticut; from farther flung planets to fantastical Earths and even in a few far-from-exotic North American towns.

The characters—both human and…not—will stay with you long after The End: a dear robot gives “upload” new meaning, an apocalypse survivor attempts to stay human, a centenarian on a colony ship turns subversive, an “up-donk” clarinetist in Tijuana is framed for murder, a mother and son contend with “helpful” home invaders, a grieving girl on the Texas Gulf Coast goes on an impossible ride. And so many more!

In the near future, this book and those to follow will be available to order from this site for Canadian customers. In the meantime and for everyone else, here's where to buy As Far As:


EBOOK: Books2Read [Kobo, Nook, Apple, Overdrive, and more]

Don't miss: Rooster's Dawn and other stories, Collected Stories, Volume 2 coming in late April/early May.

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As Far As Release
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