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Unearthed Launches!

Saturday, June 30th, Third Person Press released its latest publication.

Earth—the ground of our being, the dust from which we come and will return. Imagine what might arise from and disappear into soil—what grows, what is buried, what teems unseen. This collection, exploring the ends of the Earth and beyond, offers tales from the depths of darkness—zombies, vampires, murky unknowable worlds, underground prisons, malevolent spirits, to the lightest heights—earthen magic, little people, gold at the end of rainbows, buried treasure and fantastical creatures. Feel the soil between your toes. Smell the damp, rich loam. Bury yourself in these stories of earth.

Unearthed is a collection of twenty-one stories by:

Alicia Serroul Bruce Miller Katrina Nicholson Ken Chisholm Donald Tyson Wesley J. Colford Kerry Fudge Jenn Tubrett Julie A. Serroul Peter Andrew Smith Walter Carey Lorena Mann James F.W. Thompson Stephanie Snow Joyce MacDonald Sherry D. Ramsey Mona Anderson Meg Horne Larry Gibbons Wade Rideout and Me. with an Introduction by: Michael G. MacDonald, professor of Communications at Cape Breton University

My story in Unearthed is called “Mud Pies.” It’s about Freesia Caliche, a young woman who, with her mother Bryony and sister Ivy, run a family enterprise (“The Calling”) healing the physical, psychological and spiritual dis-eases of the people of the nearby town. Freesia is perennially overworked and vaguely unhappy, but unable to do anything to improve her situation until a young man named Rihlad Caliche—a very distant cousin—comes to call. Take a chance on this wonderful collection. It makes for great summer reading! Order print copies here; E-books are coming very soon! Dig in—these stories will scare, surprise and delight!

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