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Rooster's Dawn Ebook

Rooster’s Dawn rises in the earnest east of emancipation; sets in the weird west where bros will be bros; goes north to magical, heartbreaking Riga; south to healing gene-transforming pools, telling a space warped romance along the way while catching unexpected times and places in between and way beyond.

Get to know a grandma hacker, a reluctant superhero, a jilted gal in Tucumcari, an insecure synesthetic, an almost blind spacemapper taking one last sentimental journey, a competitive clown, a revivalist, a snake oil salesman, an MMO game designer with a desperate secret and so many more!


This is Volume 2 of Nancy SM Waldman's Collected Short Fiction.

Don't miss Volume 1: As Far As

Rooster's Dawn Ebook

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