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About the title of this anthology: For more than 1,000 years, Santiago de Compostela (Compostela means “field of stars”) has attracted pilgrims to walk to the cathedral that holds St. James the apostle’s relics. The stories in this anthology in their own way tell the tale of futuristic travelers who journey into the dark outer (or inner) reaches of space, searching for their own connections to the past, present and future relics of their time.

Get it now, Kindle users!

Compostela, Tesseracts Twenty is available only through Kindle Exclusive ebook.

Future Release Dates: E-book Everywhere: September 4, 2017 Print in Canada: September 11, 2017 Print in USA: October 9, 2017

I’m proud to have a story in this anthology which also features stories and poems by this awesome line-up:

  1. Alan Bao

  2. John Bell

  3. Chantal Boudreau

  4. Leslie Brown

  5. Tanya Bryan

  6. J. R. Campbell

  7. Eric Choi

  8. David Clink

  9. paulo da costa

  10. Miki Dare

  11. Robert Dawson

  12. Linda DeMeulemeester

  13. Steve Fahnestalk

  14. Jacob Fletcher

  15. Catherine Girczy

  16. R. Gregory

  17. Mary-Jean Harris

  18. Geoffrey Hart

  19. Michaela Hiebert

  20. Matthew Hughes

  21. Guy Immega

  22. Garnet Johnson-Koehn

  23. Michael Johnstone

  24. Cate McBride

  25. Lisa Ann McLean

  26. Rati Mehrotra

  27. Derryl Murphy

  28. Brent Nichols

  29. Susan Pieters

  30. Alexandra Renwick

  31. Rhea Rose

  32. Robert J. Sawyer

  33. Thea van Diepen

Thanks to Edge Publishing for continuing the tradition of this legendary anthology and to Spider Robinson and James Alan Gardner for editing this, the twentieth version.


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