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Have a Halloween Story

Playground of a Lesser God

Just in time for Halloween, I’m pleased to offer my short story, Playground of a Lesser God, online for free!

Alone in her abandoned neighborhood on Halloween night, 10-year-old Elena is surrounded by ghost memories of her past. On the ruined playground where she used to go with her little sister, she solves a puzzle, uncovers a unique invention and is given the gift of hope for her future—but not before experiencing the scariest night of her life.Set on the Gulf Coast of Texas in 1959, Elena’s story is historical science fiction—an atypical Halloween tale that rides the waves of the fantastic while always staying close to shore.

Because this story is set in a place near to my heart and has some basis in historical facts, I’ve included some pictures and links at the back in case you’re interested in knowing more about The Rhino or the setting.

It is available online for ereaders of all kinds. Click on this link to see your options: An Amazon listing is in the works, though the caveat is that they will not list works for free, at least not right away. If you see it listed for .99, that’s why.

For those who prefer it, you can also get it right here! Clicking the link below will cause a zip file to download to your computer. It contains three files: an .epub (will work on most ereaders), .mobi (works only for Kindle) and .pdf (any device that has an Adobe reader on it). Use whichever works for you.

For those who only want a .pdf (Adobe) version of the story, click this and it will download to your device/computer: Playground of a Lesser God_full

Hope you enjoy Elena’s story.

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