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A Tasty Sample of Three

Samplers give us a variety of tantalizing tastes or sights that inspire us to want more. In earlier times, samplers were pieces of needlework that a young woman sewed to practice or show off her competency in embroidery. This one, though not old, is appropriate for this post which is inspired by three things. It says:

“Three things there are that will never come back. The arrow short forth on its destined track, The appointed hour that could not wait; and The helpful word that was spoken too late.”

Good things come in threes, right? So Third Person Press has released a free e-book sampler of three stories, one from each of its volumes of The Speculative Elements series: Undercurrents (water), Airborne (air) and Unearthed (earth). These stories are available for download now in .epub and .mobi formats on Third Person Press and in most formats on Smashwords. Did I mention that they are free? 🙂

For a limited time only, read Sherry D. Ramsey’s richly-set fantasy, “Winter Bewitched,” Julie A. Serroul’s paranormal delight, “Mind Drifter” and my tart slice of fantasy, “Mud Pies.” Whet your appetite for reading the complete anthologies which are available from Third Person Press, Kindle or Smashwords. The print books are $19.95 (plus shipping & handling). The electronic versions—in any format—are $4.99. Sampling and then buying the book is like eating locally or going to microbreweries. You are showing your support for the small, indie press that strives to bring you quality writing you’d otherwise miss. And, you have some wonderful summer reading ahead of you, so don’t wait. Get your sample now! Let’s drink to that!

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