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Day 4 – Getting to the Point

Today, I could not get to The Point.

I planned on writing the MC’s Fateful Decision. That point at which she makes a decision that will forever change her life and set up the action for the rest of the book. Without this, I could ramble on about the situation she’s in for chapters and chapters, but there would be no point, would there?

I know what her Fateful Decision is. I know I want it to happen as soon as possible, so I was shooting for it to happen in Chapter Three, third scene. How’s that for planning?

It’s great, except, it didn’t happen.

My character took forever just to get to the place where she would find out the answer to her questions so that she knows what stand she has to take. And then, she arrived tired and hungry at night, so I had to get someone to feed her and find her a place to sleep. No, no, no. That will never work. That’s one of those scenes that isn’t going to make the cut.

Pacing is important, but, this is Nanowrimo. No real editing allowed. I have a Daily Word Count quota and do NOT want to get behind. You just have to keep going even if it doesn’t go as you thought it would.

So okay. I can’t go back and rework it now, but I could and did start that scene over in the middle. I had her sleep on her journey (one line, “she fell asleep in the tree” or whatever) Then, she arrives at the place at a time of day when—without delay—she meets the proper character and will find out what she needs to know, and see what she needs to see in order to crystallize her resolve and energize her motivation to make her stand, thereby setting up the action for rest of the book.


I’m disappointed that didn’t happen today.

I really hope she gets a move on tomorrow. Otherwise, what—or where’s—The Point?

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