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Lazy Summer Days?

For a while now, I’ve been feeling a little disappointed in myself for not getting more writing done this summer.

Yes, there was a wedding in the middle of June which took me away for a week, but other than that, I’ve been home—even more than usual.

And yes, I’ve needed to spend a lot of time working on the lay-out and typesetting of the Grey Area manuscript. That is now, I’m happy to report, at the proofreading stage. Almost ready! Release in late October!

And yes, there’s the Grey Area Inidegogo campaign, now just finishing its first week. Visit us here and pick out one of our perks to keep TPP going strong (we need the moral support almost as much as we need the operating cash. I mean it!)

And yes, my hard-working husband and I are negotiating and acquiring fixtures, tile, furnishings and the other such-fun work of putting in a new downstairs bathroom. (Okay, he’s doing all the hard work; but I have to feed him—usually three times a day!)

And yes, I have, since May, instituted a heretofore unknown-to-me regimen of walking at least two hours a day. That is going great. But because I’m using my new treadmill desk to achieve this feat, I am supposed to be churning out the word count everyday as well.

Today after walking, I was jotting down my miles, steps, time and calories burned when I took a look back at my log. In addition to the stats, I set up the table to have a place to log info about my physical status, my mental state AND what I worked on while walking. As I looked through the last few weeks, I was amazed and pleased to be reminded of what I’ve actually been doing.

That took me to my writing folders to check out exactly what had changed in the last few weeks. I found out that, starting in June, I’ve written two full short stories—one finished and marketed (and rejected; gotta get it out again), one needing more revision. I’ve started two others that are interesting to me and feel like good solid beginnings. And—with renewed energy and stepping stones in place as to where to go next and next—I’ve restarted work on a longer piece that I love, but that has been stalled a long, long time.

Okay. I feel better. I can also do better. Going to start shooting for 1600 words a day. That’s enough…for summer.

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