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The Chain Story

The Chain Story

Take the time to check out successful writer, Mike Stackpole’s newest project.

It’s called The Chain Story and combines collaboration, networking and organization to collect an ever-lengthening chain of adventure stories from a burgeoning list of talented writers. The stories are virtually linked by virtue of being ‘told’ to the assembled at The Wanderer’s Club, though each story stands alone. In fact, stories can be set in any location–real, fantasy or parallel–and any time–or several times–with any subject matter. The only criteria is that they be a tale of adventure. Check out the site’s Table Of Contents to see the order of the stories.

The stories themselves are posted on the author’s websites, giving readers an opportunity to see what else that writer is up-to. All authors are posting these stories for free for a limited period of time.

Don’t miss it!

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