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The Pitch

After posting about “the pitch” for my novel-in-progress earlier last month, I thought I should share what I came up with. Finally got this the way I wanted it around the end of the first week of NaNoWriMo.

As for the book itself, I’m still not sure about my title, “Plasticity.” I like it and it fits the subject matter, but it probably sells nothing. Perhaps that’s something to worry about three years from now when I’m still whipping the story into shape. Or…maybe it could be the title of the series. Hah. I know what that is. It’s my Delusions of Grandeur, which rise to the surface when I’ve just completed a first draft…of anything!

Here’s my pitch:

A young scientist reluctantly returns to the colony of her birth to stay with her estranged mother while recovering from a serious brain injury. She soon discovers that a native life form—reviled in the colony as infectious vermin—is a sentient species with great potential for good…and evil. Though her credibility is questioned at every turn due to her shaky mental condition, she takes up the cause of those ostracized because of their association with the species, the elusive Liminalis.
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