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Listen to my story

The Quillians is an online writing group that meets in Second Life. We are fortunate to have as one of our members, John Lambert, who in addition to writing, has a lot of experience with podcasting. With his experience and hard work—along with co-moderator, Sherry Ramsey—The Quillian Chronicles podcasts came into being last year. Last month, my reading of NetWorld was published. (NetWorld was published in print and as an e-book, in 2008, in Undercurrents, Volume 1 of the Speculative Elements Series.) The podcast reading was then followed by another podcast of an interview that John and I did. We talk about my writing background, issues that came up in the writing of NetWorld and other discussions of interest to working writers.

Both podcasts are available, as are all of the shows, on The Quillian website, through iTunes, or at our sponsor’s site:

You can also find out when new podcasts are available by “liking” our Facebook page: The Quillian Chronicles

And, stay tuned, because in the fall, The Quillians begins a new adventure in writing: Popcorn Tales.

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